NES Super Hero Assemblies
Jennifer Lee
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Norphlet Elementary School held its first Superhero Awards Assemblies for Kindergarten - 2nd grade students and 3rd - 5th grade students. They NMS cheerleaders came over to welcomed the student and performed a few cheers for them.  Student council members performed a chant for the group.

K-2 Grade Superhero Award Winners:

  • Mrs. Miller's room- Aubree Taylor
  • Mrs. Wills' room- Erielle Rucks
  • Mrs. Perkin's room- Adelei Dunn
  • Mrs. Winright's room- Sonny Magee
  • Mrs. Coleman's room- Makayla Blackledge
  • Mrs. Parham's room- Jasper Galusha

K - 2 Super Teacher of the Month- Cynthia Coleman

K - 2 Super Class of the Month- Mrs. Winright's class

3rd-5th Grade Superhero Awards:

  • Mrs. Goode's class- Nataleh Webb
  • Mrs. Jameson's class- Payton Teasley
  • Mrs. Pickett's class- Dillon Kemp
  • Mrs. Smith's class- Tyler Reeder
  • Ms. Weaver's class - Jaylynn Crawford
  • Mrs. Pepper's class - Ragan Robinson
  • Mrs. Tassin's class - Abigail Sanchex

Super Teacher of the Month for 3-5- Sophia Goode

Super Class of the Month for 3-5- Mrs. Pepper's class

NES Choir Students Perform for Assembly

NES Choir Students Get Ready to Perform

Mrs. Winright's Super Heroes

Mrs. Pepper's Superheroes

Dillon Kemp Receives a Super Hero Award

Mrs. Goode, 3rd Grade Teacher, Receives a SuperHero Award

NES Students Receive Awards

Mrs. Coleman, 2nd Grade Teacher, Receives a SuperHero Award

NES Super Hero Awards