Red Ribbon Dress-Up Days
Jennifer Lee
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Next week, October 23-27, is Red Ribbon Week!  Don't forget to participate in the Red Ribbon Week Activities for each campus!

Norphlet Elementary School

  • Monday- Sock it to drugs  - Wear crazy socks
  • Tuesday-Team up against drugs-  Wear your favorite team shirt
  • Wednesday- Pledge to be drug free-  Wear Red day
  • Thursday-  Put a lid on drugs-  Wear a hat
  • Friday- Fight the war against drugs-  Wear Camo

Smackover Elementary School

  • Monday—Red Day
  • Tuesday—Camo Day
  • Wednesday—Orange Day
  • Thursday—Movie Character Dress Up Day
  • Friday—Career/Reverse the Role Day

Norphlet Middle School

  • Monday- "Sock it to Drugs" (Crazy socks)
  • Tuesday- "Team Up Against Drugs" (Jerseys)
  • Wednesday- "Pledge to Be Drug Free" (Wear Red)
  • Thursday- "Peace out to Drugs" (Hippie day)
  • Friday- "Fight the War Against Drugs" (Camo day)

Smackover High School

  • Monday - Red Ribbon Day
  • Tuesday - Twin Day - “Buckaroos – Partner Up Against drugs”
  • Wednesday – Hat Day - “Buckaroos - Put a Lid on Drugs”
  •  Thursday– Hippie Day - “Buckaroos – Peace Out On Drugs”
  • Friday - Wear Black or White OR COSTUME for Contest - “BUCKAROOS – “OWL Never Do Drugs…Spook ‘em”