SES Kickball Tournament
Jennifer Lee
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Smackover Elementary School 3rd through 5th grade classes competed in the annual kickball tournament last week.  All classes completed the kickball unit in P.E. by competing in a single elimination tournament.

The championship game between Mrs. Gathright's 5th grade class and Mrs. Pyron's 5th grade class was held in the high school indoor practice facility.  The students learned about sportsmanship, teamwork, applying rules and strategies.

Mrs. Gathright's class won the championship game.  Another award was given to the class that showed the best sportsmanship throughout the unit.  The class that won the sportsmanship award was Mrs. Russell's class.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sportsmanship Award Winners

Kickball Champions

Ready to Serve the Ball

Crossing Home!

Playing Good D!

Here Comes the Ball!

Kick It, Kick It, Kick It!

Teachers Talking Smack!

National Anthem Pride

Ready for the Ball!

Give It Your Best Kick!

Having Some Fun!

Good Game!

Giving It My Best!

High Five!

Here It Comes!

Ready to Run!