More Family STEM Night Pictures
Jennifer Lee
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

This year's 3rd Annual Family STEM Night was a lot of fun!

Planning for next year's 4th Annual Family STEM Night has already begun.

Save the date:  Tuesday, November 13, 2018!

In the meantime, check out these pictures from the 3rd Annual Family STEM Night which was held last Tuesday night.

A Time for Friends

Family Time

NMS Staff Gets Ready

Mr. Crotty Cooks Hot Dogs

Mrs. Stanton Helps with the Meal

Friend Time

STEM Night Preparation

Murphy USA Setup

Poising with Grandpa


Sports Medicine Students Are Ready

Sports Medicine Activity

Wanted:  Readers

Book Fair Wants Readers

How Does It Work?

STEM Night Activity

Signing Up for Prizes

I'm Ready to Help You!

Let's Find an Activity

Mom and Son Hug

STEM Night Experiment

Smiling for the Camera

STEM Night Activity Fun

Having a Blast!

Lockheed Martin Instructors

Mom and Son Working Together

Drones Are Here!

Building a Structure

Volunteer Helping Out

Waiting for a Hot Dog

How Many Hot Dogs?

A Family Event

Book Fair

Students Participate in Activity

Sports Medicine Splints

Students Talk About an Activity

Making a Move

Door Prizes

Another Activity

Working Together

How's How It Works

Engineering Through History


Making Bubbles

Mines Bigger

Creating Light

Creating Light Colors

Teachers and Students Have Fun

Mom and Daughter Time