All-Region Band Announced
Jennifer Lee
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Congratulations to the Smackover High School Band students who tried out and qualified for All-Region 3 Band!

  • Courtny Bridges - 2nd band, 10th Chair - clarinet
  • William Newton - 1st band, 3rd Chair (All State Qualifier) trumpet
  • Aubrey Hargett - 1st band, 10th Chair (All State Qualifier) trumpet
  • Caleb Huckabee - 2nd band, 1st Chair- trumpet
  • Calan Novack - 2nd band, 5th Chair -trombone
  • Carl "Cody" Robinson- 1st Alternative - trombone
  • Abel Kinley - 2nd band, 4th Chair - baritone
  • Marlon O'Guinn - 1st band, 4th Chair (All State Qualifier) tuba
  • Tanner Evans - 1st band, 2nd Chair (All State Qualifier) percussion
  • Isaac Woollen - 1st band, 9th Chair (All State Qualifier) percussion
  • Zach Morgan - 3rd Alternative - Percussion