SHS Students Excel in Union County Math Competition
Jennifer Lee
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Forty Smackover High School math students competed in a Math Competition at El Dorado High School on Saturday.  Congratulations to the following winners from Smackover High School:

AP Statistics

  • 1st Place - Kayleigh Yeager
  • 2nd Place - Hannah Freeman
  • 3rd Place - Jordan Price


  • 1st Place - Ty McCurry
  • 2nd Place - Isaac Woollen
  • 3rd Place - Mary-Claire Wilcox


  • 1st Place - Caleb Watson
  • 2nd Place - Alec Gatewood

Algebra II

  • 1st Place - Caleb Huckabee

A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Childers, Mrs. Spooner, and Mrs. Yeager for their dedication in preparing students for this event and for chaperoning!