SES Celebrates the 100th Day of School
Jennifer Lee
Friday, February 02, 2018

Smackover Elementary School first and second graders celebrated the 100th day of school last week by participating in a parade at the high school.  First graders wore hats that they decorated with 100 items.  Second graders dressed up like 100 year olds!

SES Student Dresses as 100 Year Old

Dressing Like an Old Man

SES Student Dresses as Old Man

100 Years Old

SES Students Tour SHS

SES Students Tour SHS 2

SES Tour of SHS

Touring SHS

SES Students Visit SHS Class

SES Students Take a Tour

SES Kids Tour the High School


SES Students Admire the SHS

SES Students See the SHS Classrooms

SES Students Take the Tour

SES Students Are in the House!

SES Students See SHS

SES Students Wear 100 Days Hats

SES Students Create 100 Days Hats

100 Day Hats

SES Students Tour SHS for 100 Days Celebration

SES Students Tour the SHS

SES Student Dressed as Old Lady

SES Student Smiles for the Camera

SES Students Celebrate 100 Days

SES Students Celebrate 100th Day

100 Reasons Why Students Love SES

Teachers Dress for 100th Day

SES Students as 100 Year Olds

100 Year Old SES Students