NMS Students Compete at Band Competition
Jennifer Lee
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Way to Go These Students Received  Excellent rating at Region 3 Solo Ensemble Contest

The following Norphlet Middle School band students received an Excellent rating at the Region 3 Solo Ensemble Contest:

  • Trey Hurst, 2nd solo/1st duet Division
  • John Ramsey, 1st duet Division
  • Anna Morgan, 1st  Division piano/bells
  • Emma Pennington, 1st Division
  • Madison Johnson, 2nd
  • Kamea Robinson, 1st Division
  • Mason Bullard, 1st Division
  • Cheridan Gafford, 1st Division
  • Jalaya Hamilton, 1st Division
  • Kylah Hall, 1st
  • Gracie Wages, 1st
  • Hansen (Hank) Griffin, 2nd
  • Paul Bramlett, 2nd
  • Jackson Taylor, 1st
  • BeYonica Selmon, 1st
  • Kameron Collins, 1st
  • Dru Johnston, 2nd
  • Samantha Burch, 2nd
  • Emma Anglin, 1st
  • Makenzie Litton, 1st
  • Lyric Samuel, 2nd
  • Cody Burnnopp, 1st
  • Jada Lewis, 1st
  • Mark Holloway, 1st
  • Cameron Hildebrand, 1st
  • Lane Schafer, 1st
  • Cheyanne Plunkett, 1st
  • Cerenity Brant, 1st
  • Airabe Bautista, 1st
  • Jana Mills, 1st
  • John Kitchens, 1st
  • Emma Gottberg, 1st
  • Jairon Washington, 1st