Red Ribbon Week Dress-Up Days
Jennifer Lee
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Red Ribbon Week is October 22-26.  Celebrate Red Ribbon Week this year by dressing up!

Norphlet Elementary School

  • Monday- No School
  • Tuesday- Too Bright for Drugs (Wear Neon Colored Clothes)
  • Wednesday- Proud to Be Drug Free (Wear Red)
  • Thursday -- Don't Get Mixed Up with Drugs (Crazy Day - Crazy hair/Miss matched clothes)
  • Friday - Our Team Is Drug Free (Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Shirt)

Norphlet Middle School

  • Monday - No School
  • Tuesday - I'm Too Bright for Drugs (Wear neon colors)
  • Wednesday - Pledge to be Drug Free (Wear red)
  • Thursday - Wild About Being Drug Free (Crazy hair/socks)
  • Friday - Scare Away Drugs (Halloween Costumes)

Dress code must be followed for dress up days.

Smackover Elementary School

  • Monday - No School
  • Tuesday - Proud to Be Drug Free (Wear red to kick off Red Ribbon Week)
  • Wednesday - Team Up Against Drugs (Wear your favorite sports shirt)
  • Thursday - Don't Get Mixed Up in Drugs (Wear mix and math clothing)
  • Friday - Our School Chooses to Be Drug Free (Wear school shirt)

Smackover High School

  • Monday - No School
  • Tuesday - Red Ribbon Day (Receive your red ribbon during second period)
  • Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day (Buckaroos - Drugs can ruin your day.)
  • Thursday - Color Wars (Have Color in Your Life -- NOT Drugs!) (Faculty - Black; 9th grade
    - orange; 10th grade - blue; 11th grade - green; 12th grade - yellow) Prizes will be handed
    out each class period - must be wearing your ribbon!
  • Friday - Wear Black and White OR Costume for Contest (Buckaroos - Spook the Lions!)