State required information

Chain of Command

Chain of Command Chart link

Current comprehensive financial Data reports

Monthly Expenditures
Administrative Salary and Benefit Expenditures (Monthly Expenses) link

Monthly Local and State Revenue
District Monthly, Local, and State Revenue Sources link

All District Employee Contracts
Current Contract Information for All School District Employees link

School District Balances
School District Balances Report link

Annual Statistical Data
Annual Statistical Report link

Financial End of the Year
Financial End of the Year Report link

Ensuing School Year Budget
School Budget for Ensuing School Year Report link

E-Rate RFP

E-Rate Proposal (January 8, 2018) link

Other District Policies

Closing The Achievement Gap
Closing the Achievement Gap Policy link

Computer and Network Replacement
Computer and Network Replacement Policy link

Information Technology Security
Information Technology Security Policy link

Pandemic Flu
Pandemic Flu Policy link

Required plans and reports

Annual Report Cards
Annual School and District Report Cards link

Dyslexia Reporting for Act 1039
Dyslexia Report link

Licensed Employee Certifications
Licensed Employee Certifications Report link

Parental Involvement Plans and Policy
Parental Involvement link

School Improvement Status
School Improvement Status Reports link

Supplemental Educational Services Provider
Supplemental Educational Services Provider Reports link

Teacher Qualifications Under NCLB
Teacher Qualifications Under NCLB Report link

Uses of NSLA Funding
NSLA Funding link

School Board Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Meeting Minutes link

School District Personnel Policies

Classified and Licensed Personnel Policies link

School improvement plans

School District Support Plan (SDSP)
SDSP link

ACSIP and School-Level Improvement Plans (SLIP) are found in the links below.

SLIP links are found on the Indistar website.  See the link and login information for each campus below:

Indistar Website for SLIPs link

(NES User Name:  guestSAR1826 - Password:  guestSAR1826)
(SES User Name:  guestAR937 - Password:  guestAR937)
(NMS User Name:  guestAR688 - Password:  guestAR688)
(SHS User Name:  guestDAR415 - Password:  guestDAR415)

ACSIP PDF links below:

ACSIP 2013-2014 link

ACSIP 2014-2015 link

ACSIP 2015-2016 link

Wellness Policy and Reports

Annual Wellness Review link

Website Wellness Information link

5.29 Wellness Policy link