Pageant Winners
Jennifer Lee
Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Congratulations to the following young ladies who won their divisions in the Miss Derrick Pageant:

Baby Miss Derrick:

  • Adleigh Harper Stanton

Tiny Miss:

  • Benton Katherine Alexander-1st runner up
  • Taylor Elise Carter-Queen

Little Miss Division:

  • Sawyer Blayne Carter-1st runner up
  • Sophie Gayle Pearson-Queen

Young Miss Division:

  • Lillian King-Queen

Jr. Miss Derrick:

  • Taylor Warthan-1st runner up, Co-Miss Congeniality, Evening Gown Winner
  • Jayme Jenkins-Queen-Photogenic Winner, Sportswear Winner, Co Miss Congeniality & People's choice winner

Miss Derrick:

  • Mary-Claire Wilcox-Miss Congeniality, Photogenic Winners
  • Brooklynn Dees-3rd runner up
  • Laynie Clark-2nd runner up
  • Megan Mullin-1st runner-up, Sportswear winner, People's choice
  • Kenadee Eisler-Queen, Interview & Evening Gown Winner