Students will be exempt the second and fourth nine weeks by meeting the following requirements: 

• A average – no more than 4 absences; no “3” in citizenship 

• B average – no more than 3 absences; no “3” in citizenship 

• C average – no more than 2 absences; no “3” in citizenship 

• D average – no absences; no “3” in citizenship 

For the purposes of this policy, a “3” in citizenship is an unsatisfactory conduct grade. 

Any student suspended for all school activities or assigned to ISS will be disqualified from semester test exemptions. This applies to all suspensions of this nature regardless of the number of days suspended. Suspensions from individual classes will result in that student being disqualified from semester test exemptions in that particular class. 

Any student who has been absent from any study hall or homeroom more than 4 times during the semester will be required to take all semester exams, unless doctor’s excuses are presented. 

All students will take nine weeks’ test and semester exams at designated times. Any student who fails to take the test at the designated time will not be able to make up the exam. 

Exceptions to this rule include: 

• Excused absence 

• Extenuating circumstances such as death in the family and friends. This will be left to the principal’s judgment.  

Smackover-Norphlet School District/Parent-Student Handbook (2021-2022) p. 94