concurrent Credit Informational Video
Jennifer Lee
Friday, March 01, 2019

The Smackover-Norphlet School District is pleased to pleased to present opportunities for students to obtain concurrent credit while still enrolled in high school.

Students have the following concurrent credit options available to them at Smackover High School:

  • Certificate in General Studies from SouthARK Community College
  • Students may also elect to take one or more concurrent courses without committing to obtain a Technical Certificate or a Certificate of Proficiency.

Students and parents of 8th through 11th graders are encouraged to watch this 12 minute video together.  If you have any questions regarding these opportunities, please contact Smackover High School Counselor Cheryl Corley at (870) 725-1226.

A transcript of the video is provided below the video.

Click on the picture to access the video below.

Concurrent Credit Informational Meeting Video