Smackover High School will be providing new instructional options for high school students from which to choose while campuses are closed for in-school instruction due to COVID 19.

These new options will begin on Monday, April 6.

Please read the options and then determine which best meets the needs of your high school student.  A staff member from SHS will be contacting each SHS student within the next two weeks to check in regarding which plan you are choosing.  Please feel free to ask the staff member any questions you might have regarding the options.

We know that high school students need structure to their day so we are providing a daily schedule that your high school student can use.  Due to the availability of electronic devices and Internet access, a high school student may not be able to follow the schedule exactly as listed.

That’s OKAY! 

Students and parents have the flexibility to rearrange this schedule to best meet the needs of your family throughout this time!

Option 1:  Digital Learning using Web Conferencing and Khan Academy

All students have online access to the following:

  • Gmail
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Hangouts (Web conferencing tool)
  • Khan Academy

High school students will meet regularly with their classroom teachers based on a schedule that accommodates all of the core classes.

  • If a high school student is able to attend the scheduled Hangout, then he/she will be able to interact directly with the teacher.
  • If a high school can’t attend the Hangout at his/her regularly scheduled time, then the teacher will record a video of the Hangout and add it to his/her Google Classroom to be watched later.

Khan Academy is a free website that has outstanding instructional lessons for high school students that will help review information learned during this school year and reinforce skills which are currently being taught.  Khan Academy has videos with each math lesson which makes it great learning tool to support you, too!


We will post some short videos on the blog this week to show parents and students how to use Google Classroom and Google Hangouts.

We will also post directions for families to create student accounts for Khan Academy this week.

Option 2:  Hard Copy AMI Packets

Students will be provided with daily assignment plans for their core courses.  Families may download days 11 – 20 and days 21 – 30 below.  Hard copies of these packets will also be available for pick up on Friday, April 3 from 11 am – 12:30 pm at a designated drive thru lane on the Smackover High School campus.

AMI Activities – SHS Day 11-20

AMI Activities – SHS Days 21-30

Thank you, Parents and Students, for the work you are doing at home!  We know this is a huge responsibility.  Together we will have a fabulous last nine weeks of school!