For those students who have an electronic device and Internet access, part of their instructional plan starting on April 6 will include Khan Academy.

There are outstanding instructional lessons your child can use through Khan Academy which will help review information learned during this school year and reinforce skills which are currently being taught.  Khan Academy has videos with each math lesson which makes it great learning tool to support you, too!

Khan Academy First Steps:

  • For K-2nd grade students, download the Khan Academy App.
  • For 3rd – 12th grade students, create a free account at Khan Academy

If you want, your K – 2nd grade child can go ahead and start using the Khan Academy app this week!

Additionally, 3rd – 12th grade students can go ahead and start using Khan Academy for thirty minutes a day in math this week if you want!

Course challenges and unit tests can be used to accelerate through material.   We recommend that you start one grade level below your child’s current grade.

If your child doesn’t have too many gaps, he or she should be able to get through a previous year’s content in 1-3 hours. If they do have gaps, it may take a bit longer, but that is good!  This is your chance to fill in those gaps that might otherwise hold you back in the future.

You’ll see that if you are able to put in at least a solid 30 minutes a day of math practice and keep leveling up skills, you’ll see big gains and, most importantly, really see the world in new and exciting ways!

Once you are at your grade level, try to set a goal of leveling up at least 3 skills a week.


With everything going on, don’t forget to send your kids outside to play every day if the weather permits.  Kids need exercise daily to help them through homebound experiences.