The Smackover-Norphlet School District would like to honor all of our hard-working and devoted employees who are retiring at the end of this year.

Smackover Elementary School

  • Dawn Lewis – 23 years experience/23 years in the SNSD
  • Jan Peeples – 37.5 years experience/34 years in the SNSD
  • Clarice Long – 44 years experience//30 years in the SNSD
  • Ree Ross – 36 years experience/36 years in the SNSD

Norphlet Middle School

  • Ricky Green – 18 years experience/16 years in the SNSD
  • Camille DeVaney – 18 years experience/ 5 years in the SNSD

Smackover High School

  • Jan Henderson – 43 years experience/31 years in the SNSD
  • Crystal Yeager – 34 years experience/22 years in the SNSD

A more formal recognition will be done when social distancing guidelines are changed.

In the meantime, each of our retirees will be recognized on The Buckaroo Blog for their service to our district.  Each retiree will be featured over the next week.

Please be sure to congratulate and thank these individuals!