After 34 years in education and 22 years in the Smackover-Norphlet School District, National Board Certified educator, Crystal Yeager, announced her retirement this year.  Mrs. Yeager was an instructional facilitator and mathematics teacher at Smackover High School.

As a teacher, she personalized every student and devoted hours tutoring each in a plethora of subjects. Mrs. Yeager has bolstered and supported generations of students by emphasizing the importance of mathematics and science.

As a leader of teachers, her helpful nature made her a wonderful person to work with side-by-side and a great advocate to have in your corner. Mrs. Yeager is not just a great educator, but a good friend to all.  Her presence on the high school campus will truly be missed.  We hope her retirement is filled with relaxing days full of leisure activities.

Crystal Yeager