After 43 years in education and 36 years in our community, Smackover High School Principal, Jan Henderson, is setting her sights on a well-deserved retirement.

A true educator strives to make a difference in lives every day, and Mrs. Henderson has done just that.  She has loved, inspired, and challenged students and teachers alike.  As a teacher, most of her former students would say the thing they remember the most is how much she cared for her students.  She was selfless in the classroom and always wanted to make her students feel loved.

As an administrator, her quirky and dynamic personality has contributed to a positive work environment, and her leadership has been invaluable.  Mrs. Henderson has a gift of “cheering” for others, whether it be the Bucks or those people that just need a little encouragement.  She has devoted much of her life to Smackover High School and will be greatly missed.  We wish her the best and brightest in retirement and the next part of her journey!

Jan Henderson