Who at the age of 45 decides to become a teacher?  Our one and only Mr. Green.  Right out of High School, he decided to major in music.  Don’t tell his students, but he didn’t last too long.  Music might be fun, but studying….let’s just say, “Not so much!”  He’s worn many hats in his lifetime, and retirement is just another chapter.

He’s sold medical equipment, been a youth director, has been a Special Ed instructor, and leads music in his church.  Yet, he knew he had another purpose….Teaching!  He pursued his license in teaching and walked into his first classroom in Fordyce.  He has taught eighteen years since then, and Smackover Norphlet has been his focus for sixteen of those years.

He has taught Social Studies/History/ and Geography.  His greatest pleasures have been connecting with his students. He has an uncanny way of bringing History to life, and that has been his joy in the classroom. His best moments have been when his students have connected history to real life situations. His sense of humor and “off the wall” comments are a treasure.  His students and peers will always remember him as the “Dancing King”.  We just never knew when he’d break out in a dance.

We thank you, Mr. Green, for your love of life and your love for others.  You will be missed.

Keep on dancing!

Ricky Green