School Board Members, 2020-2021

Joe Bates, President

President and Disbursing Officer:  Joe Bates

Current Term:  2019-2024

Occupation: Elite 03 Solutions

Original Election Date:  September 21, 2004

Years of Service:  14

Zone:  2

Residence:  Mt. Holly

Lynn Birchfield

Vice-President and Disbursing Officer:  Lynn Birchfield

Current Term:  2018-2023

Occupation:  Bookkeeper, Smackover Motors

Original Election Date:  May 14, 2007

Years of Service:  11

Zone:  3

Residence:  Smackover

Cliff Preston

Director:  Cliff Preston

Current Term:  2016-2021

Occupation:  Pastor

Original Election Date:  September 15, 2015

Years of Service:  3

Zone:  4

Residence:  Smackover

Director:  Stephen Crecelius

Current Term:  2020-2025

Occupation:  Clean Harbors

Appointed:  June 11, 2019

Years of Service:  0



Damon Goodwin

Director:  Damon Goodwin

Current Term:  2017-2022

Occupation:  Area Manager, Evers Electric

Original Election Date:  2012

Years of Service:  6

Zone:  5

Residence:  Norphlet

Director:  Chris Long

Current Term:  2020-2025

Occupation:  Retired School Teacher and Coach

Original Election Date:  September 18, 2012

Years of Service:  6

Zone:  6

Residence:  Smackover

Don Thomas

Director and Disbursing Officer:  Don Thomas

Current Term:  2019-2024

Occupation:  Oil Field - Field Supervisor

Original Election Date:  September 17, 2013

Years of Service:  5

Zone:  1

Residence:  Mt. Holly