The Smackover-Norphlet School District will be conducting parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, October 8.  The conferences will be held face-to-face utilizing the safety precautions listed below.

School will be dismissed on all campuses at 1 pm.

Conferences will begin at 1:30 pm and will last until 7 pm.

Health and Safety

To support the health and safety of our students, parents, and faculty, the following will occur on all campuses:

  • Masks must be worn at all times while on campus.
  • Social distancing of at least six feet will be expected at all times while on campus.
  • Conferences will be fifteen minutes or less (If you need more than 15 minutes, please schedule a separate time on a different day to conference with the teacher.)
  • Chairs will be placed outside the door of each teacher’s room to help ensure social distancing while waiting.
  • There will be no congregating in the building or on the parking lot.
  • The buildings and parking lots will be monitored to protect all of our patrons.

Smackover Elementary School

  • Forms to schedule conferences were sent home earlier last week.  Please return the form ASAP so that your child’s conference can be scheduled.
  • Only one parent/guardian per student.
  • Parents will be notified of their scheduled times within the next few days.
  • For parents of 3rd and 4th grade students, conferences will only be held with the student’s homeroom teacher.  If a parent needs to speak with the other teacher, please let the homeroom teacher know and she will notify the afternoon teacher.

Norphlet Middle School

  • Just like in previous years, NMS will be conducting student-led conferences.
  • A student-led conference is one in which the student discusses their work with their parents and sets goals for the year.  The teacher is available in the room to answer any questions.  (No more than two parents and two students will be allowed in a classroom at any time to practice social distancing.)
  • Only one parent/guardian per student.
  • 5th grade parents and students:  The auditorium will be used as a waiting area. Parents and students will be called in on first come basis. 
  • Parent wishing to schedule a phone conference:  Please call and make an appointment to speak with a teacher at a time separate from parent teacher conferences.
  • If anyone has questions, please call Principal Larry Beasley at (870) 546-1002.

Smackover High School

  • Parent teacher conferences will be held in the same manner as in previous years using the health and safety guidelines listed above.
  • Only one parent/guardian per student.
  • For parents that wish to schedule a conference via phone or Google Meet: Please call and make an appointment to speak with the teacher at a time separate from parent teacher conferences.